ŽP a.s. allow the students to prepare their theses (bachelor, master, rigorous, dissertation works, etc.) with the prior consent by the Board of Directors and once the relevant contract is made between ŽP a.s. and a student. Once the consent is obtained, the parties, i.e. ŽP a.s., the relevant university and a student will enter into a Contract on thesis preparation. The university, student or ŽP a.s. can suggest the topics to prepare the thesis, if there has been a possibility and suitability to address the professional issues appeared in the business at the thesis level in a university.

The applicant for processing the thesis (university or a student) must submit a written application.

In assessing the thesis preparation permit, ŽP a.s. take into account as follows:

  • the thesis addressing a given topic shall be to the benefit to ŽP a.s.
  • the thesis shall not threaten the interests of ŽP a.s., any confidential information or those constituting trade secrets shall not be disclosed,
  • a consent given by the Organizational Unit Head, where the thesis should be prepared.

The application for thesis preparation permit must contain all the elements necessary to assess the application and the resulting conclusion of a contract.
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