Programs for Employees

ŽP a.s. have developed the Board of Directors Programme, which further extends the social program as set forth in the Collective Agreement. The adaptation program and further training in the Company has been prepared for new recruits. Employee satisfaction undergoes regular monitoring, as for working conditions, evaluation, remuneration etc.
The blood donors, for whom a comprehensive programme has been designed, deserve special thanks and appreciation. These programmes allow for individual care for employees following their needs and those of the employer.


The Board of Directors Programme includes the remuneration structure, which guarantees, for instance, holidays and Christmas pay and other remuneration, redundancy payment and retirement benefits beyond the scope of the Labour Code. The Board of Directors shall make every effort, to the best of its ability, in implementing the Board of Directors Programme.
The aim of the Board of Directors Programme is to provide employees with other monetary and non-monetary transactions in the field of their social and economic needs and interests beyond the scope of the Collective Agreement, regardless of whether they are unionized or not so as to assure development of the employer´s prosperity in this form.

The main areas of the ŽP a.s. Board of Directors Programme
employment and industrial relations,
social field,
area of remuneration,
operating conditions of the employees' representatives.

Forms of care for employees:
financially quantifiable activities,
directly financially quantifiable activities included in the application of corporate culture,
activities in the donation area - foundation activities, supporting the youth, education, culture, etc.


Health and safety protection at work

The new recruits receive increased attention in the field of safety at work and elimination of risks of occupational injury. The individual Care Safety Plan has been developed for each new recruit, depending on the type and nature of work performed.

Admission training

Each new recruit attends admission training where he/she gets acquainted with the history of the company, production programme and completes a corporate museum visit. Professional tutors make the trainees familiar with the system security within ŽP a.s., the provisions of the Labour Code, Collective Agreement and Employment Rules. The new recruits will receive an overview of industrial relations. The emphasis is on familiarization with the Health and Safety Protection at Work Polity, the content of Public Notice MPSVaR SR 508/2009 Coll. of Laws to ensure health and safety protection at work and technical equipment safety. The training provides room for familiarization with the Quality Management System. The employees are trained in fire protection and first aid in case of injury. At the end of the training, the knowledge acquired is verified in a written test.

Input instruction in the workplace

Time devoted with briefing depends on the type and nature of the work performed. Each new recruit works under the expert supervision of an assigned tutor.

Practical staff training and instruction

The training and instruction aim towards versatility and comprehensive familiarization of an employee within the working environment, working conditions, requirements, safety regulations and instructions, operating, and technological processes affecting the product quality and overall performance in the particular working position.

Adaptation process of new recruits

Usually, it takes one year and applies to all graduates of SSOŠH ŽP, who join ŽP a.s. immediately after graduation. Furthermore, is has been designed for graduates of other high schools, if the Steering Committee Management makes a decision on their inclusion into the adaptation process.
All university graduates have been assigned to the adaptation process, regardless of their specialization and graduation year, in the case that they join ŽP a.s. for the first time. The adaptation process includes the internal rules for implementation and success evaluation.


Employee satisfaction directly relates to the corporate culture and the level of communication in the business. Besides having satisfied employees, the motivated ones are also necessary to assure company development. The employee satisfaction level survey aims to ensure knowledge of the Company´s own opportunities when creating the motivational conditions, ensuring the stability of permanent employees, allowing for achievement of high production quality, marketability of products, and the company's prosperity at the same time. ŽP a.s. follow the Employee Satisfaction Evaluation Programme, which forms a functional element of the Quality Management System.

To evaluate employee satisfaction, the following methods are used:
direct employee satisfaction monitoring - staff questionnaire newspaper poll, boxes for comments
other methods - morbidity type and frequency evaluation (caused by illness, industrial accidents or other accidents) in different specialized units, and monitoring the development of employee turnover.

The main employee satisfaction evaluation criteria include:

desirable stability of staff,
satisfaction with remuneration,
interpersonal relationships within the working group,
care for evaluation of safe work,
assessment of job security,
information and evaluation of employee’s work quality,
employee´s opportunity for professional qualification enhancement

The relevant results of employee satisfaction evaluation can only be achieved through an effective combination of different methods and techniques in monitoring different criteria. Regular collection and assessment of information provides the management with the state and level of employee motivation and allows the management to react flexibly in harmonizing the interests of management and those of employees.


ŽP a.s. consider the voluntary blood donation as a highly humane act that deserves attention and moral valuation. ŽP a.s. provide the award in the form of Jánskeho plaketa in recognition of all donors. The blood donors rewarded - the Jánskeho plaketa keepers - are offered one free weekend stay in Tále a.s. recreation centre.

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