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Folklore Ensamble Mostar was established in 1955 and named "Hron". From the year 1956 people know it as "Mostar". Till 1996 its establisher was Mostaren Brezno - state plant. In this time it works as independant civil association at Town cultural centre in Brezno.


Folklore Ensemble Mostar aims to form authentic material in musical, dance and sing arrangement for all its parts. Folklore material comes especially from Middland Slovakia - Upperhron region, regions of Gemer and Podpolanie.The main repertoire of one of the oldest folklore ensambles are dances in which predominate "stamp-dance" (dupak) - typical for Upperhron region. Spectators can see these motives for example in dances "Pri muzike" and "Za harmonikou". The unique part from the region of Podpolanie in programme is dance form from Cierny Balog in dance "Naprostred dediny". There is also dance "Fasiangovy z Polomky" from Polomka expressing calendar habits in Upperhron region during the season of carnival. To make the folklore programme more atractive there are also dances from other regions of Slovakia - for example dance "V Raslavickom hostinci" from region Saris - in Eastern Slovakia.

To the characteristic demonstration of ceremonial and habit folklor in Upperhron region belong morevoices songs which are not only parts of dances but also independant parts of programme.Folk music and soloists also gather musical material from mentioned regions of Middland Slovakia - from Upperhron region and from region Podpolanie. Besides independant parts of folk music (traditional drum instruments) also independant singers and independant pipe and accordion players take part in programme.


Hungary, Germany, Jugoslavia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland, Afganistan, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Malaysia


Offer of Folklore Ensamble Mostar can be made according to claims of organisators for different events. (Pogramme of Folklore Ensamble Mostar in range from 30 to 120 minutes)

Folklorny subor MOSTAR Phone.: 00421 (0) 48 6112189
Mestske kulturne stredisko Fax: 00421 (0) 48 6112315
Nam.gen. Stefanika 2 E-mail:
977 01 Brezno   

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