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An amateur folk-group that works at the Regional Centre in Brezno.

foto_SDChild folk ensemble "Happy Childhood", BREZNO

Child folk ensemble STASTNE DETSTVO /The Happy Childhood/ from Brezno have worked as a part ot Municipal cultural centre in Brezno from 1978.

Soon, it become well-known not only in the town, but in large neighbourhood, too. It has been awarded several appresented the town abroad - in Hungary,Roumania,France,Belgium and Englend.

The length of its programes ranges from 10 to 90 minutes and more and more new folklore elements come from the Upper Hron river region. Old customs are maitained in the programmes and lores are branched out in the dances and games ot the children.

The members ot the ensemble use varius properies such as rattle, timbrell, wooden canes, mallets etc.

The whole programme ot the ensemle is full of greenness,artless gaiety and childish abandon.


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Mestske kulturne stredisko, nam.gen.M.R.Stefanika c.2,
977 01 BREZNO,
Tel.: +421-48-611 2189
Fax: +421-48-611 2315

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