Steel Tube Handbook - 2018

Standardization companies and standards 5
Steel tubes - classification, terms and definitions 5
Technical standards for steel tubes 5
Overview of the main characteristics of steel tubes 6
Tube dimensions 6
Ovality, eccentricity 6
Tube weight 6
Steel for tubes 7
Technical delivery conditions (TDC) for tubes 9
Tube testing 9
Quality management systems, certification, legislation 11
Management of quality 11
The legislation 11
Tubes for construction use 11
Tubes for pressure purposes 11
Tubes for mechanical application and machine parts 11
Flow diagram of the production in a joint stock company Železiarne Podbrezová 12
Production program - breakdown of the products according to usage 14
Overview of the TDC for tube groups by usage 15
Product Part 16
Seamless structural hollow section 16
Seamless steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering purposes 18
Seamless steel tubes for pressure equipment for room temperature 24
Seamless boiler tubes for pressure equipments (high temperature) 28
Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes of fine-grained steels 36
Seamless boiler tubes for pressure equipments (low temperature) 38
Steel heat exchanger tubes 50
Tubes with internal ribs 54
Seamless steel tubes for welding and threading 56
Seamless steel tubes for pipelines for combustible fluids 58
Casing and Tubing 62
Standard precision seamless steel tubes, cold drawn 64
Tubes for the automotive industry 75
Injection tubes 76
Tubes, galvanized with PVC coating 76
Special tubular sections 76
Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders - HPZ 77
Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders – tubes ready to use - HP 79
Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and galvanized tubes - HPL 81
Tubes for bearings production 90
Tubes in coils 91
Cut and bent tubes 92
Butt – welding steel elbows 94
Butt – welding steel reducers 101
Continuously cast steel blooms 102
Attachments 103
Tube packaging 103
Tests for mechanical and technological properties of tubes 104
The tightness of tubes under the ASTM (ASME) regulations 106
Definition of status and nomenclature of heat treatment 106
Steel designation according to EN 10 216 standards 107
Conversion table of steel parameters 108
Indicative comparison of steel 109
Comparison of tensile strength and hardness 120
Designation system for steel: EN 10027 - 2 121
Contacts 122